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Back in the day, when I was 12 and would say I Was 14 on the pokemon chats, I started sites with xoom... which mainly consisted of pictures, midi and reviews from my favorite animes (dragonball Z... pokemon ... sailor moon)

My first site was http://members.xoom.com/kirei16 although I might have had one before. That one was deleted (because I would strore certain... ahem...zip files on the site) and so I started another one, http://members.xoom.com/shadyjdog... which eventually became members.nbci.com... because NBCi bought xoom.

Anyways, the whole XOOM sites are gone, so I joined angelfire. The site is still up ( http://angelfire.com/anime3/chd) however, it's just more anime pics and midi which are mostly broken links. I was big on Animayhem until I realized how retarded card games are... they are a waste of money and provide little value in terms of intellectual and personal aspects... however they are addicting as hell and are enjoyable.

I first started guitar back in the day, FRESHMEN YEAR, and aside from playing easy punk and sappy goo goo dolls type stuff, I also would play music from anime.

I first started by using a program, PRESTO MID (um... TM?...), and I would put the tempo on something like 30 and write down each note that was played. Then during my classes (like Mrs Saphs English Class) I would write down where on the guitar that note was (by counting from strings, EADGBE, to the note)

The I decided to make an ANIME GUITAR TABS SECTION to my site, which was on my shadyjdog site... it was probably somewhere around October of 2000... OCTOBER OF 2000

Soon, however, I was pummeled with requests and then I tabbed a bunch of songs, and


When I first looked for other anime tab sites, they were hard to come by. SMOO and Blackbird and Kent Les site (THAT GUY IS FRIGGIN CRAZY!!!)

Nowadays they are not so uncommon....       so...


Kirei's Anime Web Page (Kirei16) was made in August of 1998

Kirei's Anime Web Page (kereopi) page was made december 14th, 1999

Kirei's Anime Web Page (shadyjdog) was made August 1st of 2000

Kirei's Anime Web Page (anime3/chd) made September 1st 2001

Anime Guitar Tabs was born in October of 2000...
Then I got an email recommending I change domains because my site kept getting suspended due to bandwidth consumption... do I started [http://animetabs.vzz.net] Nov 25, 2003

[ host ultra], a server kind enough to give me FREE bandwidth and space, was started, I think, sometime in 2004... I am unsure. Anyways, this is the main spot (3:09 PM 2/12/2006) haha.
This Page (http://tabs.animebw.com) was provided by a kick ass guy who goes by the name Lozer T User! Kudos to him! It was started sometime around January of 2006.
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