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Links, etc.

Here are some links to various sites that I like, etc.

AnimeScores.com An extremely useful site when I want to sit down and learn a piano song or two!

Animechords.com An excellent site with very well written, accurate tabs! This guy has got me runnin' for my money!

GameRevolution.com A site with pretty good reviews for various systems. For some reason, I find the reviews better than IGN.

MySpace.com It's convenient; I'll give ya that.

theOnion.com A great, very well written satire. Everyone should read this.

If you have a webpage, feel free to e-mail me, and simply just say, "hey, SJ, add my site to you links! PLZ!" ^_^

Link to Animetabs? Would you like to be nice and Link to us? We would greatly appreciate it!
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Here is some code to copy and paste, unless you already know basic HTML (basically it's just a link and an image)


* note: replace that * with any number between 1 and 20, depending on which pic you like most.

The pictures are, as follows (starting with pic1.jpg to pic20.jpg);