Posted by: SJ 9:54 PM 4/10/2006

Right now I can't take any more requests. I already have some fifteen or twenty songs, on queue to tab. To be quite frank, I find studies more important than what was originally just a hobby. Also, I find practicing and preforming my own music much more important than figuring out what other people have written.

The whole purpose of this site is to give people a backbone, from which they can write their own music... I mean, c'mon people; don't you see the patterns? How an Am to an F sounds similar to a Dm to B, because it's the same progression, really.

Read up on lessons that Matt Houghton, and myself, have written thus far. You may find yourself getting better at guitar, the more your learn!

Also, I"m sick of getting requests for song that have little, or no, guitar in them. There is a reason this is called Anime Guitar Tabs. Note the guitar in the description... bass tabs and drum tabs; look elsewhere! There's only so much one man can do!

Posted by: SJ 6:15 AM 4/5/2006

Hmm... you people might be happy to hear that Arurian Dance is almost complete, complements of a GREAT TABBER out there named J.D. (notice similarity to KD, which of course makes him Great!) It's tricky... apparently there is a drop C# tuning, of some sorts... don't ask me how he figured it out... he's most prodigious! ^_^

You know what song is really, really catchy? Sunset Swish- My Pace... Go Here To listen to it... it's so f***** catchy... Here are the lyrics!
It should be banned! ROFL. For those who don't know, as I was unaware of until about two seconds ago, the song is from the anime Bleach! I want to learn it, and then play it for random japanese chicks at my school!

Posted by: SJ 5:59 AM 4/2/2006

hmmm... for anyone who is bored/interested, I have a myspace account... It's right here, actually. I use aim, quite often, but you can e-mail me if you have questions on tabs or somethin' ~_^

No more requests!
Posted by: SJ on 2:15 AM 3/31/2006

I think I'm going to make a rule right now: no more requests after ten requests! Sorry, I just have a difficult time managing time, between studying for exams (which are critical to my future!), maintaining what little social life I have, tabbing out songs, and writing my own songs (which you should check out right now! This is my site for my own music! Feedback would be appreciated! ^_^

What's Up? ^_^
Posted by: SJ on 9:41 PM 3/30/2006

School has me so friggin' tied down right now... but on the plus side, there is a laptop checkout program which lets me tab songs every now and then, and tabbing is fun because it's a process that goes like so:
Listen to song.
Imagine I am the guitarist in the song and I'm writing a riff, that is supposed to sound like what I hear.
Write down what I figure out.

It's not really that hard; I find some sort of natural ability to tab stuff out, but it's only because I've been doing it for, what, five years now? I don't know... pretty much within the first few months I started playing guitar, I started figuring out how to play vocal leads from songs like "Cruel Angels Thesis," and "Voices."
New layout any good?
Posted by: animetabsman on 2006/3/16 14:21:20

I don't know what the heck is going on with this site.
Now it looks like a friggin' I-pod or something... meh.
As long as the tabs are still here? Well, I'm going to go to bed or somethin.

I had a guestbook for the site, which I thought would be a cool thing, and better than some forum where you have to sign up for stuff and get passwords and stuff. I don't much like that kind of thing, but I seem to have forgotten the URL.

Wait.. I found it.
[ Guestbook] Yay.