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Due to lack of funds and equipment, recordings are of very low quality. They will be updated with better quality recordings when opportune.


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[So Alive]
[Aunt Jemaima]
[Miette Del Verano]
[Lovin' You]
[Girl Goodnight]
[Last Hurrah For Humanity]
[Kaleidoscope Dreams]
[Watch Our Love]
[No Where No Home]
[Throw My Heart Away]
[Poor Man's Blues]
[Ramblers In The City]
[Stop Acting Sober]
[Drop Anchor]
[No Feeling]
[Walk Away]
[Toys In The Attic]
[A Midsummer Night's Dream]
[She Broke Up With Me]
[Ain't No More Room For Smokers At Denny's]
[Don't Think Twice(It's Alright)*]
[Thoughts From A Backseat Of A Car]
[Instrumental #7]
[Writings On The Wall]
[Rain] f

All names, titles and situations used are fictional unless stated otherwise; by their respective Authors.

*Cover of Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)